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23 /fw1920/ If you should run away from your home to an unknown land, how many things are you going to carry on? Which things will help you survive? Which ones are you going to miss the most?
My grandma came to Buenos Aires from the old Yugoslavia, with only 23 things in her baggage. Lots of dreams but also lot of sadness… A perspective of an unknown place, a last hug, uncertainty, transition and the reminiscences of an unforgettable culture.

 _photos by Noelia Garreffa 

LOS FERIANTES /ss19/ Inspired by my father, Los Feriantes is a day in a local market during my childhood.
These places are disappearing in Buenos Aires, and the few that remain are refuge and strength of those who still opt for local and healthy production.
My father was one of them when I was a child, so I grew up knowing the value of the local products, the effort and knowledge of our workers.
Inspired by the tone of the light, the smell in the air, the colours, the sound of the trees and the voice of the local producers.

_photos by Noelia Garreffa

GUAYCURÚ /fw1819/ is inspired by my grandfather and his childhood memories. Thanks to the memories, people maintain their own personal identity and reaffirm the confidence and security to face changes related to his evolutionary period.

My grandfather, was born in Santa Lucía, province of Corrientes, Argentina. He was raised by immigrants and local aborigines. His childhood was very hard, but he keeps his memories as a treasure, from which he rebuilds his identity, using them as protection and strength.

This collection mixes the sensations generated by the native landscapes of his childhood and what his stories generates in me. It seeks to link with my origin, establishing a bond with my grandparents, who will actively participate in each process, making them feel active, vital and protagonists.

 _photos by Noelia Garreffa and María Burundarena

SALVAJE SILVESTRE /ss18/ is inspired by the rebirth of handcrafts, as a return to our origin and a recconection to the human essense.
Deconstructing the body, the uniforms flow through it, imprinting it and taking a new sense. The collection is coloured with the use of organic waste, having as a result, a worn out palette, with stresses as vibrating traces. Based on the human principles of work, collaboration, occupation and effort, the embroideries trace this new construction of the body.

Craftivism is a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation that inspired us because we think that fashion should not be thought as an ostentation frivolity and a leisure activity. Fashion has skills to empower people to be themselves, to show off their unique beauty and to use their influence to empower change in the world.

 _photos by Noelia Garreffa


Handmade embroidery hoops.
Materials: Bronze or Alpaca.
Diameters: 3 cm – 5 cm – 8 cm

_photos by Lucía Chain